The need to hire the best hand to drive the aims and aspirations of organizations has never been greater. Organizations are always demanding experienced and reliable managers and leaders with the right skills and attitude to put together winning strategies and motivate others within their team.

We offer a forward thinking and innovative approach to your recruitment as we specialise in matching the right job to the right candidate skill and behaviour wise, while giving you advice on latest HR issues. Our website has a job board that helps us capture good quality data. We have a robust and dynamic database.

Each exercise is tailored and designed to deliver a shortlist of candidates who are suitable and most qualified for the role. We have the best research techniques with our extensive market knowledge to create a pool of candidates for our client to select from.


This is the process of hiring another individual or company, either domestically or internationally, to handle business activities for you. It has become a common business practice that allows small, medium-sized and sometime large businesses to gain services and skills they would usually find hard to develop, because of either financial or manpower restrictions, or possibly a combination of both. Meaning, you can grow the business in area of competence as and when you should, without any major investment.

We offer two main types of Outsourcing Services:

Employee Outsourcing Solution

Business Process Outsourcing Solution


These services help organizations achieve their growth and performance objectives in the following ways:

• Achieving long-term cost savings.
• Allowing management to focus on core business.
• Achieving service quality improvements.
• Achieving IT-enabled business transformation.
• Gaining access to best in class skills and capabilities.

Substantial cost savings both in terms of labour & capital

The concept of fully loaded cost is central to Outsourcing. In many cases clients only think of the direct cost of labour when attempting to compute the cost to the business of having a staff performing tasks in-house.

However, it is critical to factor in the other overhead costs associated with engaging such staff to perform tasks in-house.

These include cost of training, health care benefits, recruitment, administrative and logistic expenses etc. It is therefore critical to put these into perspective to ascertain the true cost of this person to the organization i.e. the fully loaded cost. By partnering with a specialist outsource services provider like Apex outsourcing and logistics Company Limited, you eliminate the need to recruit & train new employees, as well as, cut down on administrative & HR management costs.

Ability to focus on core competencies

By allowing Apex Outsourcing and Logistics to handle some or all of your non-core activities, your own in-house team can refocus time, energy and resources on activities directly linked to your top line thereby adding significant value to the business.

This is particularly important as the need to have all your team members focused on sales & revenue has never been greater.

Increased market flexibility& reduced time-to-market

By partnering with Apex Outsourcing and Logistics, your organization becomes leaner, more dynamic and more agile. We allow our clients' organization to scale quickly in response to increased demand and/or new services/products or promotional campaigns.